Pierre COUC dit Lafleur was born around 1624, in Cognac, Saintes, Saintonge,(Xaintes, Xaintonge) Charente, France. He was an interpreter and a farmer. In PDRH,Certificate No. 38602 lists Pierre's birth around 1627 and his death and burial in April 1690 in St-François-du-Lac. He was buried in St-François-du-Lac. He is listed as 40 years old in the 1667 Recensement (Census); 57 years old in the 1681 Census; and cité (mentioned) 24 Aug 1651 in Trois-Rivières; soldier, interpretor. In the Burial Certificate, Sépulture, Certificat No. 92972, the date is listed as April 1690 and Pierre's age at 63 years. It is also noted that the date of death occurred between 5 April and 18 May 1690. (1)

On 16 Apr 1657, in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Pierre married Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E aka MITOUAMEGOUKOUE (French spelling) (pronounced: mee-tee-wa-mee-gou-kwee), an Algonquin. She was born around 1631-1632 in the "Nations des Ouionontateronon" (Huron word for Weskarini Band of the Algonkin Tribe), in the area between the Ottawa and the St-Maurice rivers in Québec. She was baptized 6 Nov 1650 in Montréal. She died on 8 Jan 1699 and was buried in Trois-Rivières, Québec. (1)
    They had seven children:

i. Jeanne (1657-1679)
ii. Louis (1659 - 1709)
iii. Marie Angélique (bef 1662 - 1750)
iv. Marguerite (bef 1667 - 1752
v. Isabelle Élisabeth Marie (1667 - 1752)
vi. Marie Madeleine (bef. 1669 - )
vii. Jean (1706 - )


Marie Madeleine COUC dit LAFLEUR (LEFÈBRE was born around 1669 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec. She married Maurice MÉNARD dit Lafontaine. The PRDH Family Certificate No. 5378 does not indicate any location, just the date as "before 31 Dec 1684. Maurice MÉNARD was born 6 June 1664 in Trois-Rivières and died 9 May 1741 in Chambly. (1)
    They had the following children:

i. Marguerite (1684-1763)
ii. Marie Madeleine (1691-1756)
iii. Antoine (1695-1764)
iv. Louis (1697-)
v. Pierre (1701-)
vi. Jean Baptiste (1703-)
vii. Suzanne (1706-)
viii. Francois (1709-)
ix. Marguerite (1711-1711)


Louis MÉNARD dit LaFontaine. Born before 1697. On 5 Feb 1725 when Louis was 28, he married Marie Françoise ROBIDOUX, daughter of Guillaume Robidoux & Marie Guerin, in Longueuil, Québec, Canada.(1)
    They had the following children:

i. Louis (1725)
ii. Françoise (1727-1727)
iii. Jean Baptiste (1728)
iv. Marie Françoise (1730)
v. Marie Catherine (1732)
vi. Paul (1734)
vii. Marie Marguerite (1736-1736)
viii. Marie Amable (1737)
ix. Marie Angélique (1739-1752)
x. Marie Joseph (1741-1741)
xi. Joseph (1742)
xii. Joachim (1744-1744)
xiii. Marie Ursule (1745)
xiv. Marie Josephe Louise (1747-1747)
xv. Marie Madeleine (1748-1748)
xvi. François Amable (1749)


Joseph MÉNARD dit Fontaine. Born on 27 Aug 1742 in Longueuil, Québec, Canada. Occupation: Laboureur. On 12 Oct 1767 when Joseph was 25, he married Marie Angélique BERGEVIN dit Langevin, daughter of Francois Bergevin dit Langevin & Marie Therese Villeneuve, in Montreal, Québec, Canada. Born on 29 Nov 1749 in Charlesbourg, Québec, Canada. Marie Angélique died on 4 Apr 1809; she was 59. (1)
    They had the following children:

i. Michel (1772-1842)
ii. Marie Anne
iii. Joseph


Michel MÉNARD dit Fontaine. Born in 1772 in Laprairie, Québec, Canada. Michel died in Laprairie, Québec, Canada on 1 Jan 1842; he was 70. Occupation: Laboureur. On 22 July 1799 when Michel was 27, he married Marie Barbe POISSANT dit Lasaline , daughter of Jacques Marie Poissant dit Lasaline & Marie Barbe Bourdeau, in St. Jean-Francois Régis, St. Philippe, Québec, Canada. Born on 13 Dec 1775 in St. Philippe, Laprairie, Québec, Canada. Marie Barbe died in St Philippe, Laprairie, Québec, Canada in 1856; she was 80. Marie's maiden name is also found spelled Poissan. (1)(3)
    They had the following children:

i. Joseph married Charlotte Bertrand on 3 Sep 1823.
ii. Marguerite
iii. Marie
iv. Louis
v. Pierre
vi. Michel (1803 - 1821 - 1874).


Michel Ménard. Born on 3 Mar 1803 in Laprairie, Québec, Canada. Michel died in Laprairie, Québec, Canada on 29 Jan 1874; he was 70. On 5 Mar 1821 when Michel was 18, he married Marie Geneviève GUÉRIN dit it Fontaine, in St. Philippe, Laprairie, Québec, Canada. (2)(3)
    They had the following children:

i. Michel
ii. Louis
iii. Zoé
iv. Flavie (m. 1856)
v. Auguste
vi. Alfred
vii. Joseph
viii. Marie Philomène
ix. Moyse (1828-1894)
x. Esther (1831-1899)


Flavie Ménard. On 13 Oct 1856 Flavie married Augustin HÉBERT, in St Philippe, Laprairie, Québec, Canada. Augustin's parents were Joseph Hebert and Marie Provost. (2)(3)(4)
    Flavie and Augustin had the following children:

i. Marie m. Camille Deguire
ii. Alvina (Malvina) m. Felix Cote
iii. Augustin (Auguste) m. Rose-Anna Maillet (Mayer)
iv. Thomas m. Alice Pigeon
v. Joseph
vi. Lea m. Andre Leger
vii. Arthur m. Marie-Louise Prevost (Provost), Plantagenet, 25 Sep 1893


Thomas Joseph HEBERT. Born about 1876, Thomas married Alice Mary PIGEON in Wendover, Ontario on 21 July 1902. Alice was born in Wendover, Ontario in 1882 and became a naturalized US citizen 18 Nov 1954 in Lansing, Michigan. She died on 11 July 1967 in Hastings, Michigan. She was the daughter of Francois Pigeon (b. 1833) and Celina Menard (b. 1842 in Hull, Quebec). Both Thomas and Alice had mothers named Menard, but I don't know of any relationship. Thomas and Alice had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Apparently, Thomas "left the family" around 1924 and so Alice and two young daughters, Lauraine and Corinne, went to live with the older daughter, Germaine, around the time she was married. (4)
     Thomas and Alice had the following children:

i. Augustin Rene ("Rene" or "Reney") b. 7 May 1903, Plantagenet, Ont.
ii. Germaine Mary b. 17 Dec. 1904, Norman, Ont.
iii. Irene Mary b. 9 Oct. 1906, Norman, Ont.
iv. Victor Joseph b. 28 Nov. 1907, Norman , Ont.
v. Roger Joseph b. 1912, Norman, Ont.
vi. Lauraine Mary b. 30 March 1919, Lansing, Michigan
vii. Corinne Mary b. 16 Feb. 1922, Lansing, Michigan


Germaine Mary HEBERT. Born 17 December 1904 in Norman, Ontario. Germaine married John Thomas MAURER. on 18 June 1924 in (Hastings?) Michigan. Germaine died 26 Feb 1962. She and John had 9 sons and 5 daughters. Eleven are alive as of May, 2009. John was born 26 March 1898 and died 21 April 1964. He was the son of Peter S. Maurer (b. 22 Jan 1855, d. 18 Aug 1918) and Barbara Renkes (b. 2 July 1860, d. 30 Nov 1906). (4)
    Germaine and John had the following children:

i. Roger John b. 1 May 1925, m. June Benson, d. 4 Feb 2008
ii. Donald Thomas b. 31 July 1926, m. Joan Benson, d. 24 Feb 2003
iii. Alice Anne b. 13 Feb. 1928, m. Dean Robert Keeler, d. 28 May 2008
iv. John Peter b. 21 Apr. 1929
v. Julius Francis b. 21 Dec. 1930, m. Catherine Jeanette Shaw
vi. Joseph Henry b. 13 Sep. 1932
vii. Gertrude b. 17 Apr. 1934
viii. Thomas Omar b. 3 Dec. 1935, m. Sharon Jean Moffatt
ix. Martha Lucille b. 4 Aug 1937
x. Richard William b. 8 Feb. 1939, m. Ina Nadborny
xi. Victor Charles b. 4 May 1940
xii. Edgar Morris b. 25 Aug 1941, m. Nancy Tredennick
xiii. Germaine Mary b. 23 Feb 1943, m. Art Orszula
xiv. Susan Katherine b. 2 June 1947, m. John Edward Bahs


Donald Thomas MAURER. Born 31 July 1926, Donald married Joan Noel BENSON on 8 July 1950 at St. Rose Catholic Church in Hastings, Michigan. Joan was born 17 Dec 1929 Her parents were Karl S. Benson and Florence Jerka. Donald and Joan had 7 children: Kristin Elizabeth, John Thomas, Peter Julian, Gregory Benson, Martin Joseph, Jane Antoinette and Gustav Hertz. Six are alive as of May, 2009. Donald died on 24 Feb 2003. (4)


Peter Julian MAURER. Born 8 Nov 1954 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Peter married Maria Regina UNGERBUEHLER WOOD on 9 March 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Maria was born 9 Aug 1955 in Hong Kong. Her (adoptive) parents were Wesley and Mary Lou Ungerbuehler of Cincinnati, Ohio. Peter and Maria have two daughters, Shannon Regina and April Maria. (4)

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