Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E was born around 1631-1632 in the "Nations des Ouionontateronon" (Huron word for Weskarini Band of the Algonkin Tribe), in the area between the Ottawa and the St-Maurice rivers in Québec. She married Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR on 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières, Québec. They had seven children. (1) (2)(3)



Marie Madeleine COUC dit LAFLEUR was born around 1669 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec. She married Maurice MÉNARD dit Lafontaine, on Oct 1681, Boucherville, Chambly, Québec,Canada. However, the PRDH Family Certificate No. 5378 does not indicate any location, just the date as "before 31 Dec 1684. (4)



Marguerite MÉNARD LAFONTAINE married Pierre BOILEAU on 5 July 1706 in Boucherville, Québec. Marguerite was born before 1694. Pierre, the son of Aime Vincent BOILEAU & Genevieve GIRARD was born before 1676 in France and he died on 3 March 1730 in Chambly. (5)(6)



Marie Louise BOILEAU married Antoine Laurent PERRAULT on 29 July 1743 in Chambly. Marie Louise was born on 1 November 1721 and died on 22 January 1761 in Chambly. Laurent was the son of Louise PERRAULT & Marie JEROME. He was born on 29 and baptized on 30 January 1756 in Chambly. (7)(8)



Antoine Laurent PERRAULT married Marie Josephe BISSONET on 10 May 1779 in Chambly. Marie Joseph, the daughter of Jean-Baptiste BISSONNETTE & Marie Anne MEUNIER LAFLEUR**, was born on 8 and baptized on 9 July 1761 in Chambly. (9)(13)(14)



Marie Adelaide PERRAULT married Charles DEJADON on 25 February 1805 in L'Acadie, Québec, Canada. Marie Adelaide was born and baptized on 3 December 1786** in Chambly. Charles, the son of Jean DEJADON DELACOUDRE & Catherine BOURASSA, was born on 31 May and baptized on 1 June 1764 in Pointe-de-Lévy (Lauzon). (10)(11)(12)



Adelaide DEJADON, born 1808 in Napierville, Can., daughter of Charles DEJADON & Marie Adelaide PERRAULT, married Jean Baptiste BOUDREAU on 2 March 1829 in Napierville, Canada. Jean Baptiste was born about 1805 in Napierville, Canada, and was the son of Jean Baptiste BOUDREAU & Marguerite BOISSONNEAU. Adelaide died 27 Sept. 1887, Napierville, Can. Jean Baptiste died 12 May 1895, Napierville, Canada. (12)



Judith BOUDREAU,BOUDREAU born 11 July 1857, in Napierville, Canada, daughter of Jean Baptiste BOUDREAU & Adelaide DEJADON, married Charles COACHE on 7 March 1859 in Napierville, Canada. Charles COACHE was born 11 February 1836, in Napierville, Canada. was the son of Augustine COACHE & Marguerite LACRIOX. Judith died 10 July 1925 in Napierville, Canada. Charles died 19 July 1910 in Napierville, Canada. (12)



Adjusteur Joseph COACHE, born 7 March 1871 in Napierville, Canada, son of Charles COACHE & Judith BOUDREAU, married Mary CARON , born 9 February 1869, West Sheffield, Canada, daughter of Basile CARON & Julien JEANEAU, on 19 October 1891 in Napierville, Canada. Adjuteur died 1930 in Indian Orchard, Mass. Mary died in 1932 in Indian Orchard, Mass. (12)



Antonio Joseph COACHE,born 15 December 1904, in Napierville, Canada son of Adjuteur Joseph COACHE & Mary CARON , married Florence Alice TREMBLE, born 30 March 1903, in Chicopee, Mass., daughter of Adam Joseph TREMBLE & Amanda Malda FOURNIER, on 16, June, 1930, in Chicopee, Mass. Antonio died on 16 June 1975, in Dunedin, Florida. Florence died 12 January 1994 in Springfield, Mass. (12)



Richard Joseph COACHE, born 3 May 1931 in Springfield, Mass. Son of Antonio Joseph COACHE & Florence Alice TREMBLE, married Claire Louise GAUTHIER, born 28 February 1932, in Ludlow, Mass. Daughter of Louis Hector GAUTHIER & Nora Agnes LIDDELl, on 7 May, 1955 in Ludlow. Mass. (12)


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