François Georges BOULET was born and baptized on 23 Apr 1790 in St-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Montmagny, Québec. He married Marie Judith GONTIER dit GONTHIER on 3 Jul 1815 in St-Gervais, Bellechasse. They moved to the area around present day Plattsburg, New York between 1828 and 1838. (1)(6)

Marie Judith GONTIER dit GONTHIER was baptized 21 Dec 1785 in St-Charles, Bellechasse. She was the daughter of Pierre GONTIER & Marie PAQUET who were married 2 Feb 1779 in St-Charles, Bellechasse. (2)(3)(4)

Children were:

i. Joseph BOULÉ is listed as 52 years old in the Census 1880, New York, Clinton County, District 33, page 20. He was born in 1828 in Canada. He married Julia before 1862 in New York. There are seven children listed in the Census: Treffle age 18, Emily age 14, John age 12, Rosella age 10, Julia age 7, Phelicia(?) age 5, Salomon age 2.

ii. Georges Jules BOULÉ dit BOULET was born in New York in 1838. He married Sophie PLOUGH on 28 July 1862 in the church of St. Pierre in Plattsburg, Clinton County, New York. The witnesses were François VAUDRIN & E. GAUTHIER. He is listed as George BULLEY in the Federal Census 1880, Plattsburg, Clinton County, New York. (5)

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