Ménard - Denis - Boivin

Generation No. 1

Jacques MÉNARD was born about 1629 in Mervent, Poitou (Vendée?). Jacques died 14 January 1707 in Boucherville. He married Catherine FORESTIER on 19 November 1657 in Trois-Rivières. Catherine was born about 1637 in La Rochelle(?), France. She died 31 March 1694 in Boucherville. They had thirteen children.

Generation No. 2

Jean-Baptiste MÉNARD was baptized 27 November 1660 in Trois-Rivières. He died 29 October 1728 in Montréal. He married Louise Marguerite ÉTIENNE on 14 October 1681 in Boucherville. Louise was born/baptized on 11 October 1661 in Trois-Rivières. She died 1 February 1737. Jean-Baptiste and Marguerite had ten children.

Generation No. 3

Joseph MÉNARD was baptized on 11 January 1701 in Montréal. He died 8 March 1731 in Montréal. He married Marie-Anne URTUBISE (HURTUBISE) on 25 October 1723 in Montréal. Marie-Anne was born 19 November 1704 in Montréal. She died 3 July 1756 in Montréal. They had six children.

Generation No. 4

Marie-Anne-Louise MÉNARD was born/baptized 23 July 1726 in Montréal. She married her first husband Guillaume Augustin DENIS (Jehan dit) on 22 February 1746 in Montréal. Guillaume was born 25 June 1723 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. He died about 1772. They had six children.

Generation No. 5

Marie-Josèphte DENIS was born about 1767. She married Louis BOIVIN on 5 October 1786 in Saint-Martin, Ile-Jésus. Louis was born 3 February 1763 in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Île-Jésus.

Generation No. 6

Pierre BOIVIN was born about 1787. He died 29 May 1861 in St-Jérôme, Qué. He married Marie MEUNIER-LAGACÉ on 10 October 1814 in Sainte-Rose, Ile-Jésus. Marie was born about 1793 in Ste-Rose, Ile-Jésus. She died 6 August 1848 in St-Jérôme, Qué.

Generation No. 7

Joseph-Isaïe BOIVIN was born 28 March 1834 in Ile-Jésus. He died 4 September 1916 in Montréal. He married Lucie BIGRAS on 16 April 1855 in Saint-Jérôme, Terrebonne, Québec. Lucie was born 14 December 1837. She died 1 September 1919 in St-Hippolyte, Qué.

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