Frère André - Alfred Bessette
1845 - 1936

Jean BESSETTE dit BRISETOUT/BAISSET was born around 1642 in Guyenne, France. He was a Soldat de Carignan, compagnie Latour. He married Anne LESEIGNEUR on 3 Jul 1668 in New France. The marriage contract was signed in the presence of Notary Antone Adhémar St-Martin on 3 July 1668. He died on 5 January and was buried 7 January 1707 in Chambly. (1)(2)(4)
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Jean BESSETTE was baptized on 1 January 1673 in Laprairie. He first married Marie-Anne BENOIT LIVERNOIS on 16 May 1695 in Laprairie. They had one child: Marie Jeanne who was born on 9 February 1696 and died on 28 May 1697 in Laprairie.
He then married Madeleine PLAMONDON LAFLEUR on 17 September 1700 in Laprairie. They had seven children (1)(2)

François BESSETTE was born on 19 May 1714 in Chambly. He first married Marie LEGRAIN VALLÉE on 7 January 1738 in Chambly. He then married Josephte GIRARD on 5 April 1751. Two of their children were: Joseph and Marie-Louise, who married Louis NEVEU, son of Louis NEVEU & Marie-Anne BOURDET on 14 May 1781 in St-Mathias. (1)(2)(3)

Joseph BESSETTE was born on 13 September 1753 in Chambly. He married Marie Françoise BARRIÈRE, daughter of René BARRIÈRE & Agather LAPORTE, on 25 October 1773 in Chambly. Marie Françoise died on 7 October 1799. Joseph then married Marguerite FRÉCHETTE on 28 September 1846. (1)(2)(3)(4)

Joseph BESSETTE frst married Marie Josephe CYR on 7 October 1799 in Pointe-Olivier (St-Mathias). He then married Angélique LAPORTE ST-GEORGES on 8 August 1803 in the parish of Saint-Mathias, comté de Rouville. Angélique was the daughter of Pierre LAPORTE ST-GEORGES & Thérèse DEMERS dit CHENNEVILLE who married on 10 February 1775 in Chambly. Thérèse DEMERS was born 3 March 1756, the daughter of François-Marie DEMERS & Marie Josephte LAROQUE. Joseph and Angélique had the following children: Isaac, Basile, Beloni, Edouard and Joseph-Eusabe. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

Isaac BESSETTE dit BESSET was born in 1807. He married Clautilde FOISY dit Clothilde FOYSY on 17 September 1831 in Saint-Mathias, Rouville, Québec. Clotilde was born circa 9 August 1814, the daughter of Claude FOISY & Marie-Ursule BARSALOU. (4)(5)
Isaac and Clothide had twelve children.

Alfred BESSETTE was born 9 and baptized on 10 August 1845 in St-Grégoire d'Iberville. He was known as Frère André. He died on 6 and was buried on 12 January 1937 in Notre-Dame des Neiges, Montréal, Québec.

He was declared "Blessed André" on 23 May 1982 by Pope John Paul II. He was canonized "Saint André Bessette" on 17 October 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Common Ancestry - Bessette & Paré          Common Ancestry - Bessette & Léveillée
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Biography of Blessed Brother André of Saint Joseph By Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. can be found at

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Jubilant! Congregatoin of Holy Cross Saint Frère André CCC - written by Fr. Robet deLeon, CSC.

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