1671 - 1921


Martin BENOIT was born around 1643 in France. He married Marie CHAUSSEGROS around 1672 in France. Martin and Marie were listed in the Port-Royal Census of 1678 as coming from France. Martin died in Port-Royal, Acadia. Marie was born around 1654 in France; she also died in Port-Royal.
They had ten children: Jacqueline (b.c. 1673), Pierre l'ainé (b.c.1675), Clément (b.circa 1677), Marie (b.c.1678), Jean (b.c.1681), Pierre le jeune (b.c.1681), Claude (b.c.1686), Catherine (b.c.1689), Jeanne (b.c.1692), and Françoise (b.c. 1694). (4)(1)(3)


Claude BENOIT was born around 1686 in Port-Royal. In the Port-Royal Census of 1693, he is listed as 7 years old. He married Jeanne HÉBERT, born around 1691 and daughter of Étienne HÉBERT & Jeanne COMEAU from des Mines, on 19 Jan 1711 in Grand-Pré, Acadia. Witnesses to their marriage were Claude GAUTROT, Charles BOUDROT, René BABIN, Pierre FOREST & Jean HÉBERT who signed the document, and Étienne HÉBERT. Claude died before 18 Nov 1743.
They had 12 children: Jean-Baptiste (b. 27 Nov 1711), Claude (b.c.1713), Antoine (b. 23 Mar 1719), Geoffroi (b.c. 1720), Marguerite (twin)(b. 28 Apr 1721), Anne (twin)(b. 28 Apr 1721), François (b. 13 May 1723), Jeanne (b. 20 Apr 1725), Cécile-Marguerite (b.c.1728), Élisabeth-Isabelle, Joseph (b.c.1732), Françoise (b.c.1734). (4)(1)(3)


(Joseph) Geoffroi BENOIT was born around 1720. According to the Lancaster MA Census of 1757, he is listed as 46 years old. At the age of 23, he married Madeleine BABIN, daughter of Pierre BABIN & Madeleine BOURG, on 18 Nov 1743 in St-Charles des Mines, Grand-Pré. Geoffroi was buried on 2 Jul 1769, at the age of 50, in St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Comté St-Hyacinthe, Québec. (4)(1)(3)
Note:On Sept. 10, 1755, the Benoits along with other Arcadian families of the Grand Pre areas were abruptly driven on board vessels that conveyed them to New England and other Atlantic coastal areas.
The Benoits were exiled to Boston but, after a couple of years, they were successful in reestablishing themselves in the Chambly/St. Mathias area of Quebec after a brief stay at Yamachiche near Three Rivers. About 1825 Jacques Benoit settled at St. Cesaire.


Paul BENOIT married Marie Élisabeth BENOIT LIVERNOIS on 11 May 1778 in St-Joseph-de-Chambly, Québec. (1)(3)


Jacques BENOIT married Marie Anne BEAUVAIS on 3 Aug 1818 in St-Joseph-de-Chambly, Québec. (3)


Euphémie BENOIT married Alfred SENEZ (SENÉ, SENEY, SENAY, SENET) on 23 May 1859 in St-Césaire. Alfred died 30 Apr 1899 in Williamstown, MA. (2)


Jules Achille SENET/SENÉ was born in 1871 in Stanford, Vermont. He married Marie Louise RENAUDETTE on 16 Jan 1898. Jules changed his name legally from SENÉ to SENAY.
Marie Louise RENAUDETTE was the daughter of Joseph RENAUDET & Marie BABEU at North Adams, Massachusetts. Marie Louise was born 9 Oct 1878 at St. Jacques le Mineur, Québec. She died on 28 Mar 1920. (2)


Antonio Joseph Alfred SENAY was born on 5 Mar 1899. He married Veronica Alice GOULD on 12 Apr 1920. Veronice's parents were Frank Kinsley GOULD & Carrie RICHMOND Antonio died on 28 April 1970, on the golf course at Stanford, VT. Antonio changed his name legally to Anthony Seney. Antonio and Veronica had two children: Verne June SENEY born on 11 Dec 1921 in North Adams, MA, and Fayne Gould SENEY, born on 7 Feb 1926. (2)


Verne June SENEY was born on 11 Dec 1921 in North Adams, MA. (2)

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