Gabriel BENOIST LAFOREST was born between 1636 and 1641. He was the son of Claude BENOIST & Anne FONTAINE. He married Marie Anne GUESDON, the daughter of Thomas GUESDON & Isabelle DEMORIN, on 26 October 1665 in Québec. The Marriage Contract was notarized by LATOUCHE. He died on 27 and was buried on 28 October 1686 in Trois-Rivières. His burial certificate indicates that he was 50 years when he died. The Census of 1681 listed his age as 40 years old and residing in Champlain. The original Census listed his name as Gabrielle. (1) (2) (3)

Marie Anne GUESDON was born around 1641, according to the Census of 1681 which listed her age as 40 years old.

    Children according the Census of 1681:

i. Gabriel BENOIST age 13
ii. Pierre BENOIST age 11
Marie BENOIST age 2

    The following was sent by my cousin Diane Paré Szabo in an email Feb 2010:

If the life of Gabriel Benoist LaForest had been troubling some dozen years earlier by the hazards of an inquiry on the trading of brandy, the years 1679 and 1680 would be even more troubling for him. On October 23, 1679, Jeanne Couc was assassinated and Pierre, her father, beaten. Two days later, the young woman was buried at Trois-Rivières. The royal jurisdiction of this city was in charge of the trial and on the 31st of the same month, sentenced the murderer, Jean Rattier du Buisson, to be taken to St-François-du-Lac, the scene of the crime, to be hanged. The same day, the condemned man appealed his sentence and his case was transferred to the supreme court of the Sovereign Council of New France. On November 3, Rattier was taken to Québec to attend the hearing of his second case. At the beginning of September 1680, several witnesses appeared, one of whom was Gabriel, resident of the "chenal Tardif." Gabriel was interrogated by the councilor Claude Bermen de la Martinière about the knowledge he had of the murder of Jeanne Couc, particularly on what he had heard Pierre Gilbert-La Chasse say. All witnesses were poor folks who had not been paid for their travel and lodging expenses. They had been housed at the home of the edgetool maker, Pierre Normand-Labriere, whose wife claimed her due. It was said that Gabriel received 27 livres and ten sols for eleven days "at the rate of" 50 sols for each day.

The sentence of the Council finally came down on the last day of 1680. Jean Rattier's appeal was dismissed and he was again sentenced to death.

LaForest books, "Our French-Canadian Ancestors"

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