Jean Charles LECLERC was born 28 Apr 1668 in Château-Richer. He married Marguerite BOUCHER MORENCY on 5 Mar 1696 in Ste-Famille, Île-d'Orléans. He died 28 Sep 1749 in St-Pierre, I.O. Marguerite BOUCHER was born in 1678 and died in 1742. They had nine children. (1)(2)

François LECLERC was born 22 Dec 1708 in St-Pierre, Île-d'Orléans. He married Marie Hélène CÔTÉ on 3 Feb 1732 in Québec. They had fifteen children. (3)(4)
Jean Côté & Historical background on New France.

François LECLERC was born 11 Nov 1732 in St-Pierre, I.O. He married Marie Josephe NOLIN on 27 Jan 1755 in St-Pierre, I.O. She was born 1735. They had eight children. (5)(6)(7)

Basil LECLERC was born 8 Aug 1760 in St-Charles, Bellechasse. He married Angélique GUENET on 13 Jan 1784 in St-Charles, Bellechasse. (8)(9)

Charles LECLERC married Ursule CLÉMENT dit LABONTÉ on 23 Nov 1824 in St-Charles, Bellechasse, Québec.

Charles Pierre LECLERC married Marie Josephte TURGEON on 19 Feb 1855 in St-Isidore, Québec.

Joseph LECLERC was born 25 Oct 1872 in St-Isidore, Québec. He married Léa LEMIEUX on 28 Oct 1895 in Berlin, New Hampshire. He died 16 Mar 1957 in Berlin, NH. Léa LEMIEUX was born 23 Aug 1876. She died 31 Aug 1947 in Berlin, NH.

Laurette Emma LECLERC was born 10 Dec 1903 in Randolph, NH. She married Elzéar LAJOIE 25 Jul 1930 in Berlin, NH. She died 4 Feb 1983 in Saco, Maine. Elzéar LAJOIE was born 28 Jan 1902 in St-Flavie, Québec. He died 30 Sep 1974 in Gorham, NH.

Lorraine LAJOIE married Roland Alfred TOUSSAINT on 6 Feb 1954 in Biddeford, Maine.

Sandra Lea TOUSSAINT married James BASTILLE 15 Nov 1980 in Biddeford, Maine.


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