First Generation

Pierre VIAU married Marie MÉNARD on 17 January 1747.

Second Generation

Joseph VIAU married Félicite BRIAULT in Logueuil, Champly on 17 January 1791.

Third Generation

Alexis VIAU, son of Joseph VIAU & Félicite BRIAULT married Théotiste GUÉRIN, daughter of Jean GUÉRIN & Marie Louise MAROTTE, on 14 February 1825, in the parish of La-Nativite-de-la-Ste-Vierge, Laprairie. They lived in Kahanawaké. All the offsprings were married in St-François-Xavier Parish.


Octave VIAU married Hermine BRUNOT, daughter of Augustin BRUNOT & Catherine DECOSTE, on 14 January 1856.

Anne VIAU married François Xavier BOURDEAU , son of Franéois BOURDEAU & Charlotte GAGNON, on 3 November 1857.

Gilbert VIAU married Odile GIBEAU, daughter of Jacques GIBEAU & Angélique PERRAS, on 4 July 1864. (A note on the marriage records states that he had previously been married to Cléophée BOURDEAU).

Hormidas VIAU married Alphonsine GAGNON, daughter of François GAGNON & Marie RUFIANGE, on 11 February 1870.

Isaie VIAU L’ESPERANCE married Marie LIVERNOIS, daughter of François LIVERNOIS & Sophie VIAU, on 9 October 1871.

Joseph Frederic Peter VIAU married Euphémie DUQUETTE, daughter of Jean Baptiste DUQUETTE & Marie DUQUET, on 16 November 1893.

Albina VIAU L’ESPERANCE , married Treffle VIAU, son of Antoine VIAU & Marie Anne MOREAU. on 31 August 1896.

Other VIAU marriages from the St-François-Xavier Parish records:

Gedeon VIAU, son Louis VIAU & Catherine DEMERS of St-Constant, maried Marguerite Catherine KANISERENTHA, daughter of Laurent ANENKARISON & Suzanne TEKASONORTIE MERRY, on 25 August 1862.

Virginie VIAU, daughter of Joseph VIAU & Marie Anne GERVAIS of St-Constant, married Jean Baptiste DUQUETTE, son Jean Baptiste DUQUETTE & Josette LABERGE of Chateauguay 25 January 1864.

Malvina VIAU, daughter of Jean Baptiste VIAU & Emilie VIAU, married Celestin MALLEY, son of Jules MALLEY & Julie ALARIE on 18 October 1881.

Théophile VIAU, son of Jean Baptiste VIAU & Emilie VIAU of Chateauguay, married Marguerite LEFORT KANIENTE, daughter of Louis LEFORT KANIENTE & Marie ThOMPSON, on 15 March 1886.

Philomène VIAU, daughter of Antoine VIAU & Anne MOREAU, married Oswald GERVAIS, son of Thomas GERVAIS & Marie ST-ONGE GAREAU, on 7 April 1902.

Marie Yvonne VIAU, daugher of Pierre Mederic VIAU & Euphémie DUQUETTE, married Emile DELARONDE, daughter of François Xavier DELARONDE & Marie BARRETTE, on 12 June 1911.

Rosalma VIAU, daughter of Pierre Joseph VIAU & Euphemie DUQUETTE, married Jean Baptiste RICE ATKWIROTON, son of François Xavier ONERATAKENRAT & Marie Céline KANAKORETHA VINCENT, on 7 February 1916.

Osias VIAU, son of Pierre Joseph VIAU & Euphemie DUQUETTE, married Marie LATOUR, daughter of Albert LATOUR & Josephine DESCHAMBEAULT, on 9 June 1924.

Cécile VIAU, daughter of Napoleon VIAU & Rose DESROCHERS, married Albert Charles LATOUR, son of Albert LATOUR & Josephine DESCHAMBEAULT of St-Isidore, on 24 August 1935.

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