Eleventh Generation

Pierre VALLÉE married Marie Madeleine DUMESNIL before 6 June 1636 in France. (2)(8)

Tenth Generation

Pierre VALLÉE was born on 6 June 1636 in France. He married Marie Thérèse LEBLANC, daughter of Léonard LEBLANC & Marie Marguerite RITON, on 12 January 1665 at Notre Dame de Québec, Québec. After Pierre died, Marie Thérèse married Toussaint GIROUX, widower of Marie GODARD on 29 October 1686 in Beauport. Marie Thérèse died and was buried on 10 July in Hôpital général de Québec. (2)

Ninth Generation

Michel VALLÉE was born about 1676 in Québec. He married Geneviève BAUGIS, daughter of Jean BAUGIS & Marie Thérèse PARENT on 3 February 1712 in Beauport, Québec. Geneviève was born on 30 November 1692 in Beauport and she died on 8 March 1779 in Beauport. Michel died on 30 September 1752 in Beauport. (1)(2)(3)

Eighth Generation

Louis VALLÉE was born on 11 November 1722 in Beauport. He married Marie Charlotte MAILLOUX, daughter of Noël MAILLOUX DESMOULINS & Marie Charlotte CHEVALIER, on 16 November 1761 in Beauport. Marie Charlotte was born on 20 February 1739 in Beauport and died on 11 November 1811 in Beauport. (1)(2)(3)

Seventh Generation

Louis VALLÉE was born on 5 July 1766 in Beauport. He married Marie Madeleine BOUTIN, daughter of Jean Vallier BOUTIN & Marie Madeleine BILODEAU, on 7 July 1795 in St-Vallier, Bellechasse, Québec. Marie Madeleine was born on 16 January 1755 in Berthier-en-Bas, Montmagny, Québec. She died on 24 May 1837 in St-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Montmagny, Québec. (1)(2)(3)

Sixth Generation

Joseph VALLÉ was born on 19 March 1798 in Montmagny, Québec. He married Julie ROBY SANSCHAGRIN, daughter of Joseph ROBY SANSCHAGRIN & Marie Barbe ROY, on 17 November 1824 in St-Gervais, Bellechasse, Québec. (1)(2)(3)

Fifth Generation

François VALLÉ was born on 6 October 1829 in St-Gervai, Bellechasse, Québec. He married Marcelline FRENETTE, daughter of Hubert FRENETTE & Domitilde DESROCHER, on 26 November 1857 in St-Christophe-d'Arthabaska, Québec. Marcelline was born on 21 September 1836 in Ste-Croix, Lotbinière, Québec. François died on 26 March 1894 in St-Adolphe de Dudswell, Wolfe, Québec. (1)(2)(3)

Fourth Generation

Auguste Augustin VALLÉE was born on 9 June 1872 in St-Edmond, Coaticook, Stanstead, Québec. He married Alphonsine Pomerleau, daughter of Joseph Napoléon POMERLEAU & Marie LEMELIN, on 7 January 1895 in St-Adolphe, Dudswell, Co. Wolfe, Québec. Alphonsine was born on 12 November 1876 in St-Camille, Wolfe, Québec. The family is on the 1930 Census for Paris, Oxford, Maine, living two houses away from Arthur and Abbie. (1)(2)(3)

Third Generation

Arthur Joseph VALLEY was born and baptized on 14 July 1901 in St-Adolphe, Dudswell, Co. Wolfe, Québec. He married Abbie Locke BRYANT, born in 1902 in Bryant's Pond, Maine, on 29 January 1921 in Paris, Oxford, Maine. Arthur was a wood-chopper. Arthur died on 4 August 1964 at West Bethel, Oxford, Maine. Abbie died on 1 March 1991 in West Bethel, Oxford, Maine.
Abbie's parents were George Washington BRYANT and Iva Eva May ESTES. George was born in 1861 in Bryant's Pond, Maine and died in 1914. Iva Eva was born in 1873 in Bryant's Pond, Maine and died in 1913.
George's parents were Byron Vickery BRYANT who was born in 1838 and died in 1899, and Mary Ann HICKS who was born in 1842. (1)(2)(3)(4)

Second Generation

Arthur J VALLEY Jr was born in 1923 and died in 1986 in Paris, Oxford County, Maine.

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Marriage Document - State of Maine