François LÉVEILLÉ married Alizon VIVIER before 31 Dec 1641 in France. (1)


Étienne LÉVEILLÉ was born before 1641 in France. He married Élisabeth LEQUIEN, the daughter of Pierre LEQUIEN & Catherine BOLDIEU, on 8 February 1687 in Québec. Étienne was buried on 6 December 1687 in Neuville. Élisabeth was buried on 12 February 1700 in Neuville. Élisabeth was a fille du roi. Étienne was one of the premiers ancêtres in Québec. (First ancestors, in French).
Fichier Origine - Fiche individuelle. (2)(3)(4)

   They had six children.


Pierre LÉVEILLÉ LEQUIEN was born on 30 July 1674 in Québec. He married Marie Jeanne GIRARD, daughter of
Pierre GIRARD & Suzanne LAVOIE, on 19 April 1700 in St-Augustin. Pierre was buried on 6 December 1750 in Les Écureuils. Marie Jeanne died on 15 and was buried on 16 May 1756 in Les Écureuils. (5)

   They had ten children.


Louis Joseph LÉVEILLÉ LEQUIEN was born on 17 March 1713 in Neuville. He married Marie Geneviève Catherine LUNEAU, the daughter of Henri LUNEAU & Marie Louise LAMBERT CHAMPAGNE, on 7 January 1752 in Québec. Louis died on 18 and was buried on 19 Augusut 1767 in Baie St-Paul. Marie Geneviève was buried on 5 April 1785 in Verchères. (5)

   They had twelve children


Jean Baptiste LÉVEILLÉ LEQUIEN was born on 8 December 1766 in St-Sulpice. He married Marie Élisabeth Isabelle BACHAM VERTEFEUILLE BACHAND, daughter of Pierre BACHAM VERTEFEUILLE BACHAND & Marie Élisabeth Isabelle FOISY LAFRENIÈRE, on 7 November 1785 in Verchères. (5)(6)(7)


Hubert LÉVEILLÉ was born and baptized on 15 July 1802 in St-Hyacinthe, Richelieu, Québec. He first married Céleste DUSSEAU, daughter of Joseph DUSSEAU & Élizabeth OUIMET, on 30 January 1827 in St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville. Hubert then married Sophie LUSSIER, daughter of Alexandre LUSSIER & Marguerite JACOB, on 16 August 1847 in St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville. (6)(7)

François LÉVEILLÉ was born on 6 April 1806 at Notre Dame du Rosaire, St Hyacinthe, Québec. He first married Ausith BOUDREAU on 8 May 1832 in Ste-Marguerite de Blairfindie, L'Acadie, St-Jean, Québec. In the 1850 US Federal Census, he is listed as Francis SMART being 48 years of age; his wife Auseth Smart as 37; eight children listed: Nelson 15, Joseph 11, Alfred 9, Rose 7, Milly 5, Julia 4, Harriet 3, Delia 1. They lived in Saranac, Clinton, New York.
In the 1880 US Federal Census, Frank's age is 66.
His second wife is Pricilla GRATTON age 42, and three children: Francis SMART age 7, Melvina Smart age 6 and Lucy Smart age 3.

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