Generation No. 1

Pierre COUC married Marie MITE8AMIG8K8E on 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières, Québec. They had seven children. (1)

Generation No. 2

Madeleine COUC married Maurice MÉNARD, son of Jacques MENARD & Catherine FORESTIER before 31 Dec 1684. They had nine children.

Generation No. 3

Marguerite MÉNARD married Pierre BOILEAU on 5 July 1706 in Boucherville. They had nine children. (1)

Generation No. 4

Marguerite BOILEAU married Jean GABOURIAU on on 7 Jan 1732 in Chambly. The had seven children. (1)

Generation No. 5

Geneviève GABOURIAU was born on November 20, 1732 in Chambly. She married François BESSETTE, son of François BESSETTE & Marie DUBOIS on January 7, 1751 in Chambly. (1)

Generation No. 6

François BESSETTE married Louise RACINE on January 7, 1789 in Chambly, daughter of Urbain RACINE & Jeanne DAUPHINE. (1)

Generation No. 7

Nicholas BESSETTE married Esther HÉBERT on November 24, 1823 in St. Athanase Iberville, daughter of Ignace HEBERT & Marie BISSONETTE. (5)

Generation No. 8

Cécile BESSETTE married Augustin GOYETTE on November 26, 1850 in Iberville, PQ Canada, son of Augustin GOYETTE & Osite BESSETTE was born 25 Sept 1829. He died on 12 March 1905 in Taftville CT and was buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery. (2) (3)

Generation No. 9

Simon GOYETTE was born in 1856 in Fitchville, CT. He married Odile GLADUE on April 26, 1877 in Griswold, CT, daughter of Jean-Baptiste GLADUE & Angéline ARCHAMBAULT. Simon died on February 7, 1892 in Bozrah, CT; he was buried on February 8, 1892 in St. Mary's Cemetery, Taftville CT.She was born February 10, 1856, and died 1930 in Taftville, CT; she was buried in Sacred Heart Cemetary, Taftville CT. (4)

Generation No. 10

Adélard Joseph GOYETTE was born October 18 & baptized November 8, 1891 in the church of St. Andrew, Colchester, CT. He married Exelia ROUSSIN BENNETT on February 10, 1920 in Killingly, CT, daughter of Alphonse ROUSSIN BENNETT & Aldea MATHURIN. Adélard died on August 14, 1962 in Clearwater, Florida. She was born on March 26, 1900 in Lisbon, Maine, and died November 22, 1969 in North Carolina. (4)

Generation No. 11

Francis Joseph GOYETTE was born April 3, 1921, Occum, CT; he died on June 26, 1995, Griswold, CT. He married Rita Cécile BOULANGER on January 26, 1946, Jewett City, CT. Rita was born in St. Hyancinthe, PQ Canada. They have eight children:Doris, Dorothy, Joseph, Kathleen, Arlene, Jean, Lucia, and Brenda all born in Norwich, CT.

Generation No. 12


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