A Story of Lost and Found
1957 to 1973 to 2012

During the summer of 1973, Annette and her family spent the day at Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island. Her daughter Monique had been wearing Annette's class ring of 1957 on her finger. She decided to go into the ocean and she put the ring on the blanket, spread out on the sand.
When it was time to leave, Annette called out for Monique to come out of the ocean. Both of them took the blanket and shook out the sand - and the ring went flying away. They looked for the ring for a long time. But to no avail. The class ring of 1957 - John F. Deering High School graduation ring - was not to be found. Her daughter was sad that she had lost her mother's ring.

Peter Nietupski and his family, who lived in Ohio, vacationed in Springfield, Massachusetts every year for a week. On one of those days in 1973, the family spent a day at Misquamicut Beach. Peter always wanted a Metal Detector. So, his father bought him one. During that day on the beach, Peter used his metal detector and found several metal objects, among which was a class ring - blue stone surrounded by a gold holder, with the name John F. Deering High School 1957.

For 39 years, Peter kept all the found metal in a box, which went from his home in New York to his married home in Michigan. In December 2012, he and his wife Marianne decided to sell the gold and silver to a goldcrafter. When Peter saw the class ring, he decided that he was going to try to find its owner. So he searched the internet and found that Roland Bettez was a 1957 graduate of John F. Deering. He called Roland and told him that the initials inside the ring were ASL. Did he know any classmate with those initials? Roland's wife Marsha remembered that a co-officer of that class was Annette Sylvia Lavallee. So, they searched for her phone number and found it.

Roland called and indicated to us that a Peter Nietupski had contacted him regarding this class ring. He gave us his email address. Norm, Annette's husband, emailed Peter to indicate this ring was most likely his wife's class ring. A conversation continued with the two stories above - the lost and found of that 1957 class ring. Peter sent an email containing two photos: the front of the class ring and the inside with the initials. Annette identified it as her class ring that was lost at Misquamicut Beach some 39 years ago. During the telephone conversation, Peter indicated that he was going to mail via USPS Priority the ring to Annette.


Graduation Class Ring 1957                                          ASL = Annette Sylvia Lavallee

John F. Deering High School, West Warwick, RI

And sure enough, two days later, the 1957 Class Ring with the initials ASL arrived via USPS with a letter from Pete

Annette recognized it and put it on her small finger - a very small ring it was.
She is planning to put in on a chain and wear it around her neck,
to remind her of the good fortune of finding a ring lost some 39 years ago,
thanks to the graciousness and generosity of
Peter and Marianne and two classmates Roland and Marsha.

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