Cathedrale des Trois-Rivières

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As to the old bicentenial church of 1710, that the people of Trois-Rivières still called "the parish" to distinguish it from the Cathedral (like the old Montreal people call "the parish" their Notre-Dame church), it was unfortunately destroyed in 1908, as the entire commercial part of our city was destroyed also. Henceforth, the mother parish of Trois-Rivières would keep the name of "Parish of the Immaculate Conception", even though it would forever miss its ancient church carrying this name and that it was united to the Cathedral whose title was "l'Assomption" - the Assumption.

This old church, a relic of the French regime, in which were raised to Bishop, Monsignor Provencher, first Bishop of Saint-Boniface (1822) and Monsignor Cooke, first Bishop of Trois-Rivières (1852), kept only the Sacred Heart monument, erected in the place of the old sanctuary.

The first two chapels and the first three churches of Trois-Rivières (including the parish of 1710) were dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, just as the first church built in Québec by the Jesuits (1615) and the Catherdral consacrated in the same location by Monsignor de Laval (1666). --- While our Catherdral was dedicated by Monsignor Cooke, during his consecration by Monsignor Turgeon (1858), at the "l'Assomption de la Sainte-Vierge" - the Assumption of the Holy Virgin.

The beautiful lily of the Immaculate, planted in the Trois-Rivières land in 1634, did expand in the glory of the "Assomption de Marie" - Assumption of Mary, to whom, our Cathedral is offered as a dignified throne for our Queen. (1)

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(1) From Our Roots - Nos Racines, p. 18